How do you say beautiful in Italian?

Describing beauty in Italian:

Italians have a fine eye for beauty, style, and aesthetics. It is not surprising that the word beautiful is one that you will hear often in Italy. The word for beautiful in Italian is bello [BEH-loh] (masculine) or bella [BEH-lah] (feminine). When used in reference to a man, it basically means handsome. Guys, you should be aware that if you become friends with Italian guys, they may call you bello as a term of endearment. Ladies, don’t be surprised to hear an Italian guy say to you, “sei bellissima!” (you’re beautiful!). Bello/a can also mean nice or good.

Some more tidbits:


Cosa fai di bello stasera?
What are you up to tonight?

Dimmi qualcosa di bello.
Tell me something good/nice.

Oggi fa bello.
It’s nice today/It’s a nice day.

Le belle arti
The fine arts

To say that something or someone is pretty or cute, you can say carino [cah-REE-noh] (masculine) or carina [cah-REE-nah] (feminine).

When talking about style, there are also some foreign words that Italians use.

Lei é molto chic.
She’s very chic.

Quella gonna é sexy.
That skirt is sexy.

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