How do you say idiot in Italian?

Describing idiots in Italian:

The straight translation of idiot should look familiar: it’s idiota [ee-dee-OH-tah]. Be aware that the word idiota always end in -a, regardless of whether you’re talking about a male or female.

Idiota will certainly get your point across, but there is also some slang that you can use. When the word coglione [coh-YOH-neh] is used in reference to a person, it means idiot. Coglione literally means testicle, but it’s also common to hear it used to mean idiot when referencing a person.

Silvio Berlusconi famously used this word. He said that anyone who didn’t vote for him was a coglione.

To learn more Italian slang, be sure to check out the italian slang dictionary.

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